The RateHawk Extension: A Tool to Find the Best Price

The RateHawk Extension: A Tool to Find the Best Price

It’s effortless: wherever you are searching for a hotel, the extension will check how much it costs on RateHawk. If our price is lower, you will receive a notification. 

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How the extension works

Automatically compares prices 

The extension scans your hotel search parameters (dates, number of guests, hotel name), finds the same room and rate on, compares costs, and calculates your savings. Then it automatically generates a notification and sends it to you. The entire process takes just a few seconds so that you will find out about the best price almost immediately. 

Shows how much you can save 

The notification will not contain any adverts or lengthy descriptions — just the price information and a button to open up the hotel page. If the price on RateHawk is higher, you will not receive any notification. 

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Reduces the time spent on searching for a hotel

When accessing via the notification, you will immediately be directed to the page of the required hotel, where you can study its description, available rates, and reviews. 

There is no need to send a duplicate request — the extension will fill in all the required information for you (dates, number of guests) based on what you entered in the initial site. 

How to install the extension

1. Open the installation link in your Chrome browser. 
2. Click the Install button.
3. Follow the instructions in the extension’s pop-up window.

Please note: in order to compare prices automatically, you need to be registered on RateHawk and logged into the extension. 

What you get after installation

1. A quick way to compare prices with RateHawk rates.
2. An opportunity to book hotels at lower prices. 
3. Bonuses: additional promo codes and loyalty program points.

The extension works not only in Chrome browser, but also in Firefox!

We hope that the extension will become an irreplaceable assistant in your work. 

If you have any questions about working with our service or extension, please contact your account manager, who will be glad to help. You may also send questions about the extension to

Download the extension

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