Our Superheroes — the Pre-Check Service

Our Superheroes — the Pre-Check Service

The traveler’s nightmare is when they turn up at a hotel only to find out that instead of the king size bed that they booked a small single is waiting for them, or that instead of all-inclusive they are only getting breakfast, while nobody had a clue about the transfer from the airport that was supposed to have been arranged.

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The travel agent’s nightmare is to be responsible for everything that happens, to deal with the hotel, find alternatives, reassure the client, and remain calm themselves. Well, our Pre-Check Service never has nightmares, because it resolves all the non-standard before they arise. Are they magicians? They are superheroes!

How it works

We begin at the beginning: our Operations Department is responsible for all client support. To make this support more effective, all department staff are separated into special service teams, each of which contains a number of specialists from different departments (a bit like in The Avengers).

The function of the Pre-Check specialists is to carry out the pre-check of the booking before the guest checks into the hotel. To do so, the staff member phones the hotel and verifies:

  • The guests’ names.
  • The check-in and check-out dates.
  • The number of adults and the number and ages of children.
  • The room type/bed type.
  • The meal type.

After that

  • They confirm that the guests don’t need to pay for the booking upon arrival.
  • They check whether the guests need to make any additional payments upon arrival: taxes or duties.
  • They ask for the internal booking number and the hotel manager’s name.
  • They check the hotel’s policy when they declare a no-show and stop waiting for a late guest.
  • They pass on the client’s comments and expected arrival time if it’s indicated in the “Comments” field of the booking.

A number of specialists in the RateHawk Pre-Check team

2016 — 7.
2017 — 31.
2018 — 74.
2019 — 87.
2020 — 110.
2021 — 97.
2022 — 250.

How to find out whether your booking has already been checked by the Pre-Check service?

All bookings made on RateHawk.com are checked by the Pre-Check service. After the check is complete, a special icon appears in the top right corner of the booking row.

Mails might go missing, the system might crash, or a sleepy hotel employee might accidentally delete booking confirmations — human error cannot, unfortunately, be eliminated. So to ensure that your clients get exactly the bed that they ordered, and so that they can be sure that the comments they made to their order will be received by the hotel, the Pre-Check service exists. Our specialists will only put their mind at ease once they get through to the hotel and confirm the booking details.

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