RateHawk’s Update Digest: Third Quarter 2023

RateHawk’s Update Digest: Third Quarter 2023

Over the past three months, we managed to update several tools, added new currencies, met with partners in various countries, and even held masterclasses on a cruise ship. Read on for more details!

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Added new currencies

RateHawk established even closer ties with partners from Australia and a number of Asian countries! In September, we added payments in seven countries and currencies:

Engagement with Asian partners in Singapore at the ITB Asia 2023 exhibition.

  • Australia / Australian Dollar
  • China / Yuan
  • India / Indian Rupee
  • South Korea / Won
  • Japan / Yen
  • Thailand / Baht
  • Vietnam / Dong

These capabilities will simplify the payment process considerably, which means that it’s now even more convenient to work with RateHawk. 

Updated tools and conditions of the loyalty program

We added four more updates for hotel selections (please note: the flow of clients may become infinite!

For all the details on the updates, please read the separate article.

As far as the loyalty program is concerned, the points you earned can now be used to pay for the entire booking cost don’t miss out on receiving your bonus!

Celebrated World Tourism Day…

… and decided to share the joy with you! In honor of the holiday, we gave away a 50 EUR promo code to all the travel agents who shared their memorable stories of collaboration with us on LinkedIn.

 Thanks to everyone for your impressive stories!

Began collaboration with new partners

In July, we signed agreements with two major partners. We now collaborate with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) , the world’s largest trade association for the cruise industry. Also newly added to our list of partners is Satguru Travel – one of the leading travel companies in Africa, with a presence in more than 70 countries.

Integrated API in NewCo Travel

RateHawk’s hotel inventory can now be used at NewCo Travel! Our Spanish team met with the company’s representatives and talked about the platform’s advantages for both businesses and customers.

The RateHawk team collaborates with NewCo Travel to expand travel choices, benefiting both businesses and customers.

Discussed tourism in Dubai and held a seminar on a cruise ship

In July, we conducted a webinar with the Head of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, André Günther, who talked about the key events in the Arabic tourism capital and shared his prospects for the winter season. We won’t hide it: winter will be spectacular!

In September, we had a taste of business and pleasure in one sitting (ahem, cruise ship)! As part of a three-day workshop aboard the Stena Scandinavica, we mingled with partners and travel agents, and we relaxed at informal events in the evenings. 

Met with partners in Barcelona and traveled to Alaska and Peru

The RateHawk Spanish team participated in ACAVE’s (Corporate Association of Specialist Travel Agencies) annual event in Barcelona, and attended a business breakfast with representatives from Air Canada, where participants discussed joint projects.

The Spanish team from RateHawk took part in ACAVE’s event.

In Anchorage, our “hawks” met with the owners of travel agencies and got acquainted with their partners. 

Also in September, there was a two-day fair organized by the Peruvian Association of Travel Agencies. We were glad to make new friends and meet some familiar faces! 

The busiest and most active quarter of the year still lies ahead! We are doing our part by already preparing updates and winter surprises for you to make this difficult time as productive as possible. 

By the way, a big November prize draw is happening right now – hurry to join the ranks of participants, pick up your guaranteed promo code, and try to win the main prizes! 

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