Boost Your Success Booking Rates With RateHawk’s New Pre-Book API Feature

Boost Your Success Booking Rates With RateHawk’s New Pre-Book API Feature

We’re thrilled to announce our latest development — the Pre-Book feature, available for the RateHawk API partners. Designed to elevate our partners into superagents, this tool is a step in solving the most pressing challenges when booking travels for your clients. 

The Pre-Book feature ensures improved booking success rates and automatically updates rate availability to make your booking experience smooth and seamless in the dynamic world of travel.

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Tackling travel agents’ greatest challenge

A common and frustrating problem for any travel agent is booking failures due to booking errors or unavailable rates. You might often find yourself in a situation where, after booking a specific rate, you are informed that the room is no longer available. This leads to the tedious task of manually searching for an alternative rate, consuming valuable time and resources.

The Pre-Book solution

RateHawk’s Pre-Book feature, now available for the RateHawk API partners, is designed to address this exact challenge. The Pre-Book solution dynamically updates the availability and the rate’s latest pricing conditions before confirming a booking. If the original rate is unavailable, it automatically seeks a similar one, saving you the hassle of manual searches and significantly reducing the time spent on resolving booking issues.

You will no longer need to make rate-matching in your systems yourself as the feature helps to suggest the rates automatically.

Key advantages for your smooth booking experience

  • Real-time rate adjustment: Instant updates on rate availability and adjustments ensure that you always receive the best and most accurate deals.
  • Improved booking success rates: By confirming rate availability beforehand, the Pre-Book feature dramatically reduces booking failures. The system intelligently seeks alternatives and mitigates booking failures caused by unavailability.
  • Rate availability assurance: Guarantee the rates your clients expect before proceeding with the final booking steps, eliminating the stress associated with last-minute rate changes.
  • Flexible pricing options: Specify a permissible price increase and choose to proceed with an increased price if the original rate is not available.
  • Dynamic payment options: Make necessary changes in payment options in the case of an increased price. The Pre-Book helps gain insight into any adjustments needed in payment methods, ensuring a smoother transaction process.
  • Customized pricing strategies: Implement customized pricing strategies based on the permissible price increase option. The feature empowers you to dynamically adjust pricing based on market demand and conditions. 

Integration guidelines for enhanced efficiency

Integrating the Pre-Book feature into your workflow is straightforward and significantly improves your booking process. To integrate the Pre-Book into your workflow, follow these steps:

  • Utilize the Pre-Book method after the SERP and Hotel page results and before the Order Booking Form process.
  • Confirm the desired rate’s availability, ensuring accurate booking details before proceeding with the final booking steps.
  • Follow the recommended workflow sequence: Hotel Static, Search Engine Results Page, Hotel page, Prebook, Order Booking Form, Order Booking Finish, Order Booking Finish Status or Order Status Webhook, Order Information, and Order Cancellation for streamlined, efficient booking operations.

In case you use RateHawk via a certain platform, make sure the platform has integrated the RateHawk Pre-Book feature.

Transform your travel business with RateHawk’s Pre-Book

The Pre-Book feature is not just a tool; it’s an essential solution in today’s fast-paced travel industry. It offers much-needed adaptability, efficiency, and peace of mind, transforming every travel agent into a RateHawk superagent.

RateHawk’s Pre-Book feature is an indispensable tool in the travel booking industry. It provides increased confidence in rate availability and flexibility in pricing options and ensures a smoother user experience. Embrace this feature and become a superagent with RateHawk — where innovation meets efficiency in the world of travel.

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