How Selections Help You Earn More

How Selections Help You Earn More

Discover the five advantages of the Selections tool that will improve your guests’ experience and make your sales more effective.

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Have you already used our Selections? This tool allows you to compile a list of the best offers to suit your client’s individual preferences. Using a special link, you can send a selection to a client, who can then choose the option they like best directly from the list.

Maximise the use of Selections with all of these features. 

  • Adaptable to any device

We’ve ensured it’s convenient for clients to interact with you using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, other mobile electronic device, or by telephone. When you send a client a selection of hotels, you can be sure that they will receive a list that’s eye-catching and easy to understand. This allows them to conveniently view and select the options they need ‘on-the-go.’ 

  • Discounts on offers

Do you want to delight your client or sell them a specific offer? Add a discount to the selection! You can apply a discount to all or select a few properties on the list.

  • Commissions on offers

You can also specify the commission for specific hotels or all hotels on the list. This detail will only be visible to you, but the client will see the total cost.

  • Select a hotel at the click of a button

Clients can select their suitable hotel directly from the button on the list, and you’ll receive a notification with the specifics of their selection. 

  • Additional services

Selections isn’t limited to properties — add it to flights, transfers, or additional services to sell more services quickly. 

All the features mentioned above will enable travelers to make bookings faster and more readily, and you to earn more. 

Create an attractive selection for clients now. 

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