How Does the Group Booking Department (Group) Work

How Does the Group Booking Department (Group) Work

We talked about the FIT department in the last article, now it’s the turn of our second magic wand which we wave in difficult cases – the GROUP department.

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What is a group booking and why does it need a special department

A group booking is any reservation with more than 6 rooms.

This type of booking is usually accompanied by special conditions for placement, for example, that all the rooms should be on the same floor, the hotel has to have a conference room, or it is necessary to book tables in the restaurant for 20:44 in advance.

It takes time to work through all the customer’s wishes as well as to select a hotel matching all the requirements, so the particular department was created for such cases.

What else does the GROUP department do

In addition to booking, the GROUP department takes care of organizing events (training/ seminars/conferences) at the hotel venue, ordering additional services, equipment, catering, preparing a banquet, coffee breaks, and ordering a transfer.

If a group is planning to stay frequently in their hotel of choice, the GROUP department signs an agreement with the hotel for a specific group. As a result, your client receives the best rates, a guarantee of a successful stay and the fulfillment of all their requests instead of legal and organizational issues.

There is no need to sign any additional contracts when working with the GROUP department – the contract that you signed when registering with the system is sufficient.

The main point about an independently made group booking is that the hotel may cancel it if the order for more than 6 rooms was made without additional confirmation of the order by phone. In order not to get into an unfortunate situation, we advise you to contact the GROUP department right away. Usually, it takes 1-2 hours to process the request. During this time, our specialists contact the hotel and get back to you with the information.

To leave a request for the GROUP department, just fill out a simple form on the website.

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