Digest of Ratehawk Services: A Wide Range of Alternatives

Digest of Ratehawk Services: A Wide Range of Alternatives

Our goal is to do everything possible to make the organization of trips rapid and convenient, and the trips – comfortable. The range of RateHawk services includes hotels, air tickets and car rental. We tell you in detail how to make an order for the travel services you require with RateHawk. 

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How to book a hotel

RateHawk provides over 1.3 million hotels to meet any taste and budget, which you can book up to two years in advance: 

  • Find the required hotel on the search page.
  • Select the required rate and review the payment terms. 
  • Enter the traveler’s details.
  • Click Book.

Depending on the rate, you may pay for the order either immediately or later

Hotels on RateHawk

How to book air tickets

We recently launched the sale of air tickets on RateHawk above all because the opportunity to book hotels and air tickets in one place significantly saves time on planning the trip and makes it easier to manage the order documentation. To book air tickets on RateHawk:

  • In the Air tickets section enter the destination, dates, flight type, number of passengers and rate.  
  • Select an appropriate flight and enter the passenger’s details.
  • Pay for the flight from your contract limit.
  • Download the e-tickets from your online account or from an email.

Read more detailed information here

Air tickets on RateHawk

How to rent a car 

The opportunity to travel around town quickly without additional costs increases the efficacy of the trip and enables the traveler to visit more places. 

How to make a request to book a car: 

  • Select the Car rentals section.
  • Fill in the form.
  • And you’re ready! You will receive a reply within an hour on the status of your request. 

Rent a car with RateHawk

We do everything possible to make RateHawk the best service for professionals. If you have any questions about our services or the system’s features then please contact your account manager, who will be delighted to help you. 

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