We Have Launched a Feedback Form for Hotel Content

We Have Launched a Feedback Form for Hotel Content

To ensure that you and your colleagues get the most up to date information about accommodation conditions, our editorial team continuously checks hotel content and handles any complaints about it.

Previously you needed to write to your account manager about any omissions in the description, photos or other sections — and this was not always convenient. Now, however, you can send comments about content directly to our editors from the hotel page in RateHawk — here we explain how to do this.

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When the feedback form is useful

You can use the feedback form to report any inaccuracies in hotel content. These could be:

  • Mistakes in the room categories;
  • Mistakes in the meal type descriptions;
  • Mistakes in the descriptions of services and amenities;
  • Old, out of date photos;
  • Photos that are actually of different accommodation.

Please note: via the new feedback form we only handle reports about content on the hotel page. If you have any comments or suggestions about working with RateHawk, please contact your account manager.

How to send comments about content

  • Open the hotel page on RateHawk.
  • Click on the row Have a complaint about the content? under the hotel rating.
  • Show in your comments which information on the hotel page is inaccurate. For example, “This hotel does not have an open swimming pool”, or “The photos are out of date, as the hotel has been renovated”.

Your comments will be delivered directly to our editorial team. Our professionals will promptly check the information and fix it.

The new feedback form will enable us to provide the most up to date information about the accommodation. Thank you for booking on RateHawk and helping us to improve!

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your account manager, who will help to solve them.

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