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COVID-19 World Situation: Updated Information
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We Have Added Low-Cost Airlines to RateHawk

We Have Added Low-Cost Airlines to RateHawk

Now RateHawk provides even more air tickets at exclusively low prices — we have connected 150+ low-cost airlines from practically the entire planet. We explain in detail how the new rates differ and how to buy the tickets.

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How to book flights

  • Open the Air Tickets section.
  • Enter the destination, flight dates, number of passengers and rate.
  • Select the appropriate flight and enter the passenger information.
  • Complete the booking and issue the tickets.
  • Download the e-tickets from your online account or email message.

How to identify low-cost airlines

Information about the airline is shown in two places:

1. In the upper right corner of the rate section of the air ticket search output.

2. In the tariff description. 

To open the description, move the cursor over the tariff description signs — a window with a detailed description will open. 

Special features of low-cost airlines

  • Unfortunately, low-cost airlines’ tickets cannot be returned or exchanged — this has to do with the policies of the airlines. 
  • For the majority of low-cost rates, you can select luggage for additional payment for each passenger on the booking page.
  • Low-cost rates have a short time limit (15 minutes), while the issuing of tickets takes longer than usual.
  • If the airline provides automatic online check-in then the boarding passes are sent by email.
  • If necessary, the email message will contain screenshots of a virtual bank card with which our supplier has paid for the booking. Please print them out and warn the passengers that they need to bring this document with them. 

How to pay for flights

Currently, you can only pay for low-cost company air tickets from your credit limit. 

If you don’t have a credit limit or it is insufficient to issue a ticket, please contact your account manager. They will help to resolve the issue. 

Which low-cost airlines are connected?

Listed here.

We hope that RateHawk will become a convenient and useful tool for you, and we are working round the clock to make it even better. If you have any comments or questions about how our service works then please let your account manager know — by working together we will achieve perfection more quickly! 

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