Expanding Horizons: RateHawk’s Journey into Asia with Jennifer Chua, Head of Business Development South-East Asia

Expanding Horizons: RateHawk’s Journey into Asia with Jennifer Chua, Head of Business Development South-East Asia

Discover the journey of RateHawk, a burgeoning entity in the travel sector. In this interview with the Head of Business Development South-East Asia, Jennifer Chua, we delve into the company’s impressions, growth trajectory, achievements, challenges, and organizational dynamics in their expansion into the Asian market.

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What are your impressions of the product and business?

First, business. The post-pandemic era has ushered in a thrilling time for travel partners. With travel across APAC gaining momentum, markets are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. The rising demand and room rates, alongside the effort to meet this demand, signify RateHawk’s pivotal role in adding value for travel partners and, ultimately, travelers.

While the product generally caters to travel agents, some customization for the Asian market is necessary, such as language, currency, and search options.

Unique Selling Points (USPs), like Technology, Support, Supply, and, especially, Pre-check Service, along with the ability to book transfers, are particularly appealing in these markets.

How fast and successful is the business growing in Asia?

The APAC region has witnessed rapid growth in branding, activities, usage, and P&L, especially in the year following the pandemic when Asia fully reopened its borders. With team members spread from Australia to various parts of Asia, RateHawk’s expansion has been both swift and successful.

Have you already managed to achieve some of the set goals?

Yes, travel agents across APAC are now familiar with RateHawk and are providing valuable feedback. The establishment of teams and the achievement of KPIs in such a short period underscore RateHawk’s strength as a significant player in the APAC travel industry.

Do you face any challenges?

Recruiting individuals who are both capable and culturally fit is a challenge. However, through effective Talent Acquisition strategies, we’ve been able to assemble competent teams across APAC. The fragmented market of Asia, with its diverse languages, currencies, and travel preferences, also presents challenges, which we address by setting realistic expectations and pacing our initiatives accordingly.

How is the Asian team currently organized?

The team is organized by regions—Oceania, South-East Asia, East Asia, and South Asia Subcontinent. Communication is maintained through weekly meetings, Slack chats, and market visits, ensuring not just a focus on targets but also on team learning and support.

What is the main hiring focus for now?

The focus is on recruiting Sales Managers, Account Managers, and Business Development Managers across every country, alongside specific roles like Country Manager Malaysia/Singapore, Head of BDM East Asia, and Head of BDM Oceania. 

Supercharging the Industry

RateHawk’s strategic expansion in Asia epitomizes the vibrancy and resilience of the travel industry in the post-pandemic world. By overcoming challenges with innovative solutions and fostering a collaborative team environment, RateHawk is poised for continued success. For those looking to be a part of this exciting journey, opportunities abound across various roles and regions. To learn more and apply for available positions, click here.

RateHawk’s venture into Asia not only signifies growth but also a commitment to enhancing the travel experience for partners and travelers alike. 

As the company continues to evolve and adapt to the dynamic needs of the market, its journey in Asia serves as a testament to the potential for innovation and success in the travel industry.

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