RateHawk on the Hunt for Sales Professionals: Talking to Julita Grzycka, Regional Director Northwestern Europe, and Her Team

RateHawk on the Hunt for Sales Professionals: Talking to Julita Grzycka, Regional Director Northwestern Europe, and Her Team

As the UK and Ireland markets continue to evolve, companies within the travel industry are pushing the envelope to adapt and excel. Among them, RateHawk is emerging as a key player with ambitious plans for expansion and market dominance. 

Here’s an insight into how RateHawk aims to soar to new heights in the UK and Ireland’s travel service industry.

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Julita Grzycka, Regional Director of Northwestern Europe, and her team share their insights. We will delve into the strategies and team dynamics that underpin RateHawk’s operations in these regions. We explore their plans, team successes, hiring initiatives, and the company culture for fostering growth. 

With Julita, we discussed the main priorities for the UK & Ireland region for the next 1–3 years. She told us that the ever-growing UK-based team aims to reach out to all UK & Ireland-based travel agents, big or small, within the next year. RateHawk already has a solid presence among homeworkers, but it is still expanding into this specific branch of the travel sector.

Historically, RateHawk in the UK has focused on the retail business, which has grown substantially this year, strengthening its presence in the market

The platform also offers a very stable API connection with an amazing offering of hotels, which they expect to grow with more connections being made in the coming year. RateHawk will continue its expansion in both retail and API to become one of the top hotel suppliers in the market within the next 2–3 years.

We also had a chance to talk to Julita’s team, and here is what we learned. 

How is your team currently organized?

The UK & Ireland team currently consists of 16 dedicated members. Our structure includes sales managers who are tasked with onboarding new partners by region and account managers who are focused on nurturing the relationships with our existing customers.

Do you have any exciting roles open for candidates in your team at this point?

Indeed, we have several exciting positions available. We’re looking to expand our operations in Ireland and are on the hunt for talented and experienced Travel Sales professionals. Concurrently, as we bolster our team in the UK, we welcome candidates to join our Sales and Account Management divisions.

Let’s talk about team bonding. The new office in London has opened recently — is it more about official meetings or perhaps you have some fun meetings, too? Do you have any traditions formed inside the team as it grows?

Team bonding is essential, and we blend work with enjoyment. We’re thrilled about our new office in London Paddington, which serves as a hub for both formal and informal gatherings. The upcoming event is our much-anticipated Christmas Party for the entire team and some of our top partners, set for the end of November in London. We’re also planning numerous team-building activities throughout 2024. It’s thrilling to witness the team’s expansion and the new traditions and dynamics taking shape.

If someone asked why they should join your team, what would you say?

Joining RateHawk UK & Ireland is like stepping into a whirlwind of growth and opportunity. We offer a superior product winning accolades in the travel industry and swiftly becoming a formidable entity in our market. It’s not just a team; it’s a chance to be part of a movement with abundant prospects for professional advancement.

RateHawk is steering toward an exhilarating trajectory in the UK & Ireland travel industry.

With a clear vision, a cohesive and growing team, and a work culture that celebrates success and unity, RateHawk stands out as a desirable workplace

It’s a collective that not only values the contributions of each member but also provides a platform for innovation and career progression.

This is just the beginning, and the roadmap ahead for RateHawk is both ambitious and promising.

Take your sales career to the next level — in the UK or Ireland.

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