Book Your Client’s Dream Vacation On the Go With The RateHawk App

Book Your Client’s Dream Vacation On the Go With The RateHawk App

If there was a way for you to make more bookings faster and more efficiently, would you be interested? Of course, you would! This applies to your role as a travel agent; when you have access to efficient tools, you can more accurately handle client requests and provide high-quality service that keeps your customers loyal to you.

To reap these rewards, you need a partner in business who can come with you on the go. That’s exactly what our RateHawk app offers you. Read on to learn how our easy-to-use app can benefit your business and boost your efficiency. Our data shows that agents who use our mobile app make twice as many bookings, on average. 

Let us tell you more about how your new app will benefit your travel business while you wait for it to download. 

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Handle a client request on the spot

Imagine you have left the office for the evening or temporarily can’t access your computer or laptop. And just at that moment, a client messages you with a request to look at flights to Santorini or hotels in Paris.

Without the mobile app, you would likely have to ask the client to wait until morning. But you shouldn’t need to delay making your client’s travel dreams come true. All you need is a smartphone with the RateHawk app installed. Then, you can book flights and offer clients travel options while on the go.

NET or GROSS? It’s your choice!

  • The app’s functionality mirrors the website (you even have the option to toggle between NET and GROSS prices), so with just a few clicks, you can offer your client flight options for the required dates and a selection of hotels.
  • “The eye symbol” in the top-right-hand corner will enable you to remove net prices instantly and hide the markup. Exactly like on the site! Just click the same symbol again to switch prices back from GROSS to NET. 

Upon receiving confirmation from the client, you can book the required service directly in the app or save it for later and complete the booking when you return to the office. The RateHawk app grants you the flexibility your business needs to go above and beyond for your clients, no matter where you are. 

The client benefits from a speedy service, and you don’t lose an order.

Browse hotels and save to “Favorites”

On the RateHawk app, you can access an extensive database of accommodation options worldwide — over 2,200,000. This includes hotels, guesthouses, villas, and campgrounds, allowing you to tailor options to any client’s request. You can also explore hotel content (for example, read about properties and the incredible facilities certain places offer, like an excellent spa or great beaches).

If you want to save properties for future reference, simply add them to “Favorites” by clicking the heart icon. This way, you will have easy access to the best properties.

Book or add-on a travel service

Scenario 1

A big advantage of the mobile app is not just the ability to browse travel services and suggest options to your clients while on the go but also the ability to book them immediately, saving both you and your clients time.

Imagine your client is looking for a flight to Santorini and is ready to select and pay for their flight immediately without missing out on a favorable rate. If you have the app, you can fulfill this request right away.

Alternatively, you can start the process on the go and finalize everything when you return to your computer. This works well if you are on the go and want to avoid filling in personal information or paying through the app. The app helps you streamline your processes, organize everything quickly, and links up to the standard web version. 

Install the app on Android

Switch between the app and the desktop

This also works the other way if you have a busy day in the office but have somewhere to be and suddenly remember as you’re on your way home that you didn’t issue a flight ticket for an order. 

The app is here to make your life easier; you can pay for the order and receive the documents directly through the app. Your business doesn’t need to stop when you leave the office for the night. The RateHawk app is here to help you meet your client’s needs quickly and efficiently, wherever you are. 

Install the app on IOS

Scenario 2

The app also helps you work around your clients’ availability for organizing.

The client can peacefully pack while you continue with your other tasks.

For example, if your client reaches out to add something to an existing booking, like a transfer. The trip is in just three days, there’s a hotel booking in Rome, and they need a transfer from the airport. The app will come to your rescue here, too: you can go into the client’s existing order to check their flight time and the hotel’s name, then suggest transfer options and book them directly through the app. 

Follow these simple steps

  • Open the “Orders” section to check the arrival time and the name of the hotel;
  • Find suitable transfer options;
  • After confirmation with the client, place the transfer order and download the voucher (yes, all of this is possible in the app!).

View information on completed orders and download documents

If you have many clients and numerous orders, a question from a client can catch you off guard if you don’t have immediate access to your “Personal Account” on your laptop. For example, a client may ask you to remind them of their flight number, layover time, or whether the hotel has a spa. The app will help you respond quickly in such situations—simply go to the orders, find the one in question, and view the requested information immediately.

If a client requests any documents related to the booking and you’re not at your computer, you can download and send them using the app.

For instance, if a client loses their hotel booking confirmation or flight itinerary, you can promptly send these documents via email or messenger.

Contact customer support and receive push notifications on request status

The ability to quickly receive help or answer questions will undoubtedly make any job more efficient. If you have the mobile app installed, you can use the usual methods to contact customer support: via phone, email, or online chat. 

Moreover, your smartphone will receive incoming messages or changes of request status as push notifications so that you can obtain information even faster.

Check whether you have notifications switched on: you need this to get answers from the support team quickly.

The RateHawk app is the best tool you can add to your arsenal to ensure you provide your clients with the best and most efficient service every time

With the right tools, you can provide high-quality service regardless of where you are. This will help your productivity and ensure you are always ready to deal with requests. Everything you need is in one place and can be quickly sorted in just a ping! 

Download the RateHawk App and discover how your workflow can be improved and how your business will benefit from streamlined technology. 

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