Offer Discounted Hotel Prices with RateHawk’s Limited Edition Campaign

Offer Discounted Hotel Prices with RateHawk’s Limited Edition Campaign

Is it time you treated your clients to a last-minute summer escape? Make the most of RateHawk’s Limited Edition Campaign! We’re delighted to launch a limited-time special price on all hotels in certain countries for 4 weeks from the 21st of August! 

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This offer is exclusive to our partners from Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, UAE, UK and includes limited-edition destination locations! Depending on your location, you can access special-price hotels on RateHawk. You can find all the destinations for your region below:

  • Bahrain: Egypt, Indonesia, Spain, Thailand, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
  • Bulgaria: Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkiye
  • Cyprus: United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt: Egypt, Turkiye
  • Georgia: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Greece
  • Greece: Germany, Spain, Thailand, United States of America
  • Hungary: Indonesia, Italy
  • Israel: Georgia, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Turkiye, United Kingdom
  • Latvia: Germany
  • Lithuania: Italy
  • Qatar: France, Italy, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
  • Romania: France, Hungary, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia: Austria, Bahrain, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom. United States of America
  • Serbia: Italy
  • United Arab Emirates: Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, India, Italy. Maldives. Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom: United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates

All hotels mentioned in each destination can be booked for the special price.

We can’t offer these limited-edition prices forever, though. The limited offer is over if you don’t see the special price for your chosen destination. However, this doesn’t mean the offer is gone forever! It may appear again soon so keep checking it out and hopefully you will catch it. Don’t delay in making bookings; lock in those special prices today. 

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