7 Travel Trends for 2023

7 Travel Trends for 2023

Despite the increased cost of hotel services and flights observed last year, travellers head off to explore the world with increasing frequency. In the first half of 2022 alone international journeys reached 60% of the pre-pandemic level. This new year looks highly promising — millions of people are already planning trips, and revenues of the global tourist sector will only grow, according to the experts.

Travellers, hoteliers and property owners are keeping an eye on trends in the travel industry — we discuss how they will develop in 2023.

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Travelers will strive to gain cultural experiences

According to a report by Expedia, travellers have a growing demand for trips to cultural capitals. Cities offering rich cultural experiences, such as Edinburgh and Lisbon, are among the most popular destinations in 2023.

To attract new travellers, travel agencies are already promoting cultural programmes covering the city’s heritage, local culture, traditional events and historic sites.

Cities offering a rich cultural experience, such as Edinburgh and Lisbon, are among the most popular destinations in 2023. Photo: Shaiith / Shutterstock.com

The choice of destination will be inspired by streaming services

Two-thirds of travellers around the world dream of visiting the location where their favorite TV series or movie was filmed. In fact, 39% of them have already planned and booked just such itineraries, according to Expedia.

Movies and TV series are powerful marketing tools. Experts emphasize that destinations such as Croatia or New Zealand, where popular TV shows are often filmed, are generating more and more interest among travellers.

Destinations such as Croatia or New Zealand, where popular TV shows are often recorded, are increasingly interesting travelers. Photo: Martin Pelanek / Shutterstock.com

Growing interest in remote locations

Country hotels, national parks, remote locations and the outdoors will all be popular in 2023.

According to Expedia, in 2022 alone, demand for homes away from major cities is up 20 percent. Experts say this trend will gain traction next year as well. Indeed, sometimes you don’t have time for a full one- or two-week vacation, however, spending a weekend in a secluded place is quite realistic.

According to Expedia data, demand for house stays far from big cities grew by 20% in 2022 alone. Photo: Konmac / Shutterstock.com

Wellness tourism will be in high demand

Demand for health and wellness vacations is up more than 30% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Nearly half of global travellers (46%) will consider a health resort vacation in the new year.

In 2023, travellers will seek out non-traditional wellness activities such as sylvotherapy (bathing in the woods), yoga with puppies, laughter therapy and agritourism.

Travelers will seek non-traditional health events in 2023. Photo: all_about_people / Shutterstock.com

The number of remote workers will grow

Since many companies switched to a hybrid work format (home + office) and began encouraging a policy of working from any location, the remote work lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular.

More and more people are working flex hours and spending more days on the road, sometimes moving to a new location for months at a time. Many countries have already introduced digital visa legislation for “nomads”. Such a visa allows one to stay in the country for a year or more, maintain freedom of movement, and choose a suitable place to live.

A growing number of people work in flexible conditions and spend more days traveling, sometimes moving to a new place for several months at a time. Photo: Jaem Prueangwet / Shutterstock.com

Biometric payment methods will become more popular

Payment by fingerprint or face recognition is already used in retail and by some travel companies. An Amadeus report states that in 2023, biometric payments will spread to the entire travel industry.

Ordering food on an airplane, upgrading to business class or paying for any other travel-related service will be increasingly common when you go on a trip. 

Biometric payments provide a contactless, secure and convenient payment system at any stage, which is sure to please travellers.

An Amadeus report claims that biometric payments in 2023 will extend to the entire tourist industry. Photo: sitthiphong / Shutterstock.com

People will travel light

The rising cost of checked luggage and awareness of the harm its carbon footprint is prompting travellers to increasingly reduce the weight of their luggage on flights and sometimes even go on trips without a suitcase. 

Tourists are seeking essentials on arrival, and hotels and resorts are increasingly offering guests items such as sports equipment, workout clothes and swimming gear. It’s also stimulating and encouraging local manufacturers. Amadeus expects this trend to increase in 2023.

Awareness of the harm from its carbon footprint has prompted travelers to ever frequently reduce their baggage weight during flights. Photo: Olga Danylenko / Shutterstock.com

Last year we saw a recovery of the industry after the crisis — the number of trips was gradually catching up with the pre-pandemic figures. Experts are confident that this trend will strengthen in the new year, and a full recovery will be achieved by 2025. With the recovery of the market in the tourism industry there will be new trends and new business opportunities — we will follow the interesting news and be sure to share interesting predictions.

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