Head of Ancillaries Business (TPP)

Head of Ancillaries Business (TPP)

Emerging Travel Group (ETG) is a travel-tech company. 11 years ago we exploded into the travel industry and today we have representatives in 24 countries around the world, giving our clients the ability to book travel services in 220 countries.

We are looking for an experienced Head of Ancillaries Business (TPP) to join our international B2B brand RateHawk, develop our business and make the travel world better together!

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RateHawk is an innovative B2B hotel booking engine developed by the Emerging Travel team. Our mission is to enrich everyone’s travel experience around the world through cutting edge technology and excellent service.

Main responsibilities:

  • Develop the strategy and ensure that ancillaries acquisition is maintained according to it, is proactive and performed in a timely manner;
  • Perform aggregated market research of all existing Air, Railway, and Transfer suppliers (incl. available in XML Platforms and global consolid­­ators) and become the knowledge expert on the topic within the company;
  • Proactively search and anticipate the next steps, e.g. moving to NDCs, researching IATA membership and the possibility of plugging-in local IATA holders, etc.;
  • Work together with analytics teams to establish processes to be able to clearly compare new and existing suppliers against each other;
  • Manage the team and help them to manage existing Air, Railway and Transfers TPPs: ensure that their performance is maintained, the development of additional features is ongoing and partner relationships are well-supported;
  • Get market intelligence, feedback and other relevant data from TPPs, XML Platforms and B2B Partners in order to understand our strong and weak spots in supply;
  • Research value suppliers: automatic check-in providers, refund projects, etc.;
  • Quantify the incremental value (a. coverage b. r&a advantage; c. replacing inventory that is currently sold at poor margins) of each new supplier to get buy-in from the technical team to turn on;
  • Together with the team meet and launch new TPPs: first meeting, negotiation, legal, integration, and other internal processes;
  • Try to get the best possible financial terms: credit-deposit ratio, payment rules;
  • Make sure the team signs SLAs with all the new Suppliers;
  • Ensure that our mix of the TPPs that we sell is diversified, resilient and sustainable against sudden changes in consumer preferences; that our reliance on any individual TPP is limited; and that we anticipate how preferences change over time;
  • Build and deeply understand the processes around launching Air, Railway and Transfers suppliers, including operation, finance, legal, analytics, etc.;
  • Work with the CRM system;
  • Work with the analytical tools, build reports;
  • Prepare presentations for internal and external use.

Our requirements:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Ability to distill complex concepts from many sources into simple vision that can be understood by a person with very limited background in the subject matter;
  • Strong sales skills. Ability to sell people on working with us and our technological partner (in case of TPP that is not connected to any of our current XML Platforms or consolidators);
  • Aggressive negotiation skills. Ability to push TPPs to give us better terms and commercials at start;
  • Quantitative background and demonstrated analytical skills. Familiarity with Excel data presentation at strong level. Ability to analyze data holistically and conduct primary research.

We provide:

  • Competitive salary;
  • Career growth opportunities and a corporate culture that encourages professional development;
  • Complex and innovative product;
  • Young and ambitious team of professionals;
  • Learning: seminars, trainings and conferences. If you want to participate in a conference, we will help to organize it;
  • Remote work format and a flexible timetable — we don’t require you to be online at 09:00 sharp. You can start work at a time that suits you;
  • Corporate discounts on hotels and other services.

Why you will enjoy working for us:

Our motto is be your own CEO — be a full leader of your projects, find solutions and achieve success, overcoming challenges and limitations.

We are convinced that to achieve exceptional results you need to get pleasure from the process and love what you are doing.

We use our superpowers to achieve our main goal — to make our products the most popular in the industry. We actively raise the awareness of our brands on international markets, attract new clients and use all available tools to achieve that.

Our tasks are ambitious and interesting. And we have put together a great team — brave, creative and very friendly. We cooperate with all of the company’s departments and work to promote all our products — hotels, air tickets and transfers; B2B and В2С; domestic and international.

There are no rules or restrictions in our team, and nothing is taboo: learn, grow, experiment, invent new ways of achieving the targets — try it! We will always help and support you.

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